My classes for babies aged 0-18 months  gently introduce French with simple songs, combined with sign-language and sensory play.  Classes include a combination of structured song-and-play time and free-play so that your little ones can explore the world around them as they learn.  I have not yet announced my baby classes for 2019, but please contact me to ask to be put on a waiting list.

Balloons are fun!

Song-and-Play time

  • Songs about the things that babies enjoy, like tickling, cuddling, clapping our hands and playing peepo.
  • Songs that teach basic French words that you can use in your daily routine, like bath time or trips to the park.
  • We use actions, and signs based on British Sign Language, to help you and baby learn the French words.
  • We also use musical instruments, parachute play, bubbles, balloons and other props and toys to make your experience magical as well as musical.

Free-play time

Next to our song-and-play area is our free-play area, which babies can explore after our first song time of each session.  Each week the resources set out are slightly different and reflect our topic for the week.

Classes are taught in three 10-week blocks, in term time, with an Autumn, Winter and Spring into Summer programme. Each week has a different theme so that you can learn words linked to the sorts of activities you might do with your baby at that time of year.  For example, in our Spring into Summer term, our themed sessions include ‘visits’ to the park, the beach and the farm, whereas in our Autumn term, we will be thinking about fireworks and pumpkins, and in the Winter we’ll be exploring the snow!

All classes are designed using the government’s Development Matters Framework.  The classes cost £25 for 5 weeks, or you can book a three-week trial at £18 or a single class at £8.  If you decide to continue with the rest of the course after a trial, your original payment is taken off the full price of the course.  Discounts are available for siblings..